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Industrial Web Development In Minnesota

B2B website solutions for manufacturers, distributors, OEMs, and wholesalers. Many companies sell B2B website developement services, but few recognize the unique challenges industrial businesses face. Industrial B2Bs need a website that does more than just list products and services; most B2Bs require a customized cms or ecommerce platform that caters to specific target audiences. 

Our industrial website platforms go beyond the common website features you'll find in the common template based platforms.  

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Custom B2B Website Development in the Midwest

Our B2B website development includes industrial and manufacturing specific functions that offer your customers an informative and intuitive user experience. Our custon built websites include a user-friendly website admin and convenient access to SEO components.  An offering of over 60 different modules and functionalities means you will get an industrial website designed to boost user engagement and increase your quality leads and ultimately, increase your ROI.

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While Ecreative works with companies around the US, many of our clients are based in the Twin Cities and outlying suburbs. Examples of industrial B2B websites we have developed include:
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Shopping Cart Icon If are ready to sell products online, an ecommerce website is the perfect solution for you. Our ecommerce platform offers enhanced functionalities like request for quote, direct buy, or combination of both options. With the capability to choose a request a quote or direct buy, you can select which products you want for quoting or buying all with a click of a button. Manage your inventory, monitor your monthly sales, and streamline your sales process with an ecommerce website customized for your business goals and needs.

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shopping cart icon with red x over it Our custom website solutions include an RFQ website option for clients who do not have an immediate need for an ecommerce website. We can set up your website using a product database platform, so it is easier to implement the ecommerce functions down the road. This is easier and less expensive than rebuilding your entire website when you are ready to sell online.

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For over 2 years, Ecreative has designed and developed over 3800 industrial websites customized for manufacturers, distributors, and OEMs across Minnesota and the US. Let us create a custom industrial website that has the adaptability and flexibility to grow as your company grows.  We also offer industrial seo services to really take your website rankings and visibility in search to the next level! 

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