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Why Your Website Needs Custom Product Configurators


Give Current & Potential Customers The Ability to Quote Products That Have Variations and Rules in Order to Locate Your Part Number 

In the industrial B2B market, many modifiable or engineered-to-order products have so many variations that it’s not realistic to create a part number for every possible variation that needs to be built. Product Configurators, also known as Part Builders, Part Configurators, Sales Configurators, and CPQ Configurators, serve as a “choice board” that gives customers the flexibility to design in-stock products based on their application and needs. At Ecreative, we’ve standardized the part building process to allow website visitors to build and configure parts themselves online, saving you time and money that would otherwise be spent building out admins to manage every single part combination. With over 20 years of experience building product and part configurators, we are confident that we have a solution to your products.
No matter what you sell, we can provide the perfect custom product builder for your website. Schedule a time to discuss your needs today to get started.

Our Clients Experience More Flexibility and Reduced Quoting & Purchasing Errors with Product Configurators

User-friendly part configurators feature rule-based configuration that gives customers flexibility without overwhelming them with confusing or unnecessary features. Questions and fields unique to your product guide users through selecting available features and options.
  • A straightforward interface with text boxes, pull-down menus, radio buttons, and checkboxes guides customers through the configuration process. Users can only select from available options, eliminating the issue of them selecting incompatible features.
  • The choices can be rule-based to always assure the product matches a product that can be made.
  • The module automatically generates detailed quote/inquiry forms containing everything needed to quote and manufacture the configured part.
  • Take it a step further by selling configured parts that are possible and proper in pricing. You can also add password-protected pricing access that allows repeat customers or distributors to buy on the spot if you want control of selling a configured part.

Online Product Configurators for Industrial Business Websites

Stand-Alone Product Configurators

Stand-alone configurators are accessible from your website but “live” on a different server. There’s no need for a significant site redesign or overhaul, which reduces implementation time and saves you money.

CPQ Sales Configurators

CPQ sales configurators have a responsive design to give your sales team, distributors, and customers convenient access from any desktop or mobile device. Users simply access the CPQ sales configurator through a password-protected login on your website. 

Custom Product Configurators

Custom product configurators make it easy for website visitors to specify the “custom” product they need. Users can view and configure parts at their convenience, then submit the product specs for purchase or quote. 

Product Configurator Design System Features That Make Life Easier

Build a part configurator as simple or complex as you’d like based on your products, services, and preferences. Whether you need an internal or customer-facing solution, we’ll help you build and design an online design system module based on your needs and budget.
  • Part configurators can stand alone or, in many cases, integrate into RFQ or ecommerce modules for quotes or purchases in a private environment.
  • Conveniently store and record product specs right in your website admin, eliminating the need for separate spreadsheets.
  • As parts are configured and generate a part number or solution, we create a page on the website for that part number or solution. This gives the ability for these pages to be found on a website search and a Google search.
  • Use specs to automatically generate quotes and, in many cases, connect to multiple 3D models from all major 3D software companies. Customers know what they’re ordering, and manufacturers get the right data to produce the part.


Automate and Streamline Your Sales Process with Ecommerce Product Configurators

Online product configurators can help increase your conversions by presenting your products in a way that meets a user’s specific needs. Show them all the variations you offer and give customers the power to pick the features they want.  No more sitting on the phone with sales reps and going through options. Product configurators provide a visual that helps users understand the part they’re configuring and see the result.


No matter what you sell, we can provide the perfect custom product builder for your website. Request a quote today to get started.

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