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Industrial Website Design

Websites have changed a lot in the past decade and industrial clients are now seeking the same modern, clean look you see on most B2C sites. They also need a website that functions well for industrial B2B customers and delivers the right tools and features to research products and services and make a purchase or request a quote.

If you want more flexibility and options in your website design, we have a solution for you. Design products from Ecreative go beyond a standard website design by giving you full control over the color, branding, and layout of your site. You tell us the look and feel you want, and we’ll build a website from the ground up that looks amazing and is designed to provide a strong and branded representation of your industrial products or services.

Is a Custom Industrial Web Design Better than Using a Template?

It’s more of a question of what you need in a site as opposed to which option is better. Sites built from templates offer the look and functionality that satisfies most business needs, but there are limitations to using templates. A customized site gives you more flexibility in the layout and overall design—it also costs more because of the amount of work involved.  

The last thing we want you to do is to spend more money on your site than necessary. We’ll discuss your requirements for impact, flow, design, mobile-friendly features, and other criteria to help you decide whether a template-based website or fully customized site is best. 

Over 20 years of experience as a B2B web design agency has allowed us to build over 3,800 websites at Ecreative and help hundreds of clients with their B2B online marketing. Our portfolio represents just a fraction of our satisfied customers for industrial web design and online marketing services over the years.  Check out a few of our success stories and see why you can trust the B2B website design and industrial digital marketing expertise at Ecreative.

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The Best Industrial Websites Begin with a Strong Design

We’re in the industrial marketing business—we understand that staying true to your branding is important. It’s what makes that first impression when someone visits your site. Branding also provides a visual impact, whether it’s on print marketing materials or your website.
We help you achieve the look you want using an impactful logo and photography on your homepage. Unlike templated sites, we incorporate your company’s brand colors and other style elements to establish that brand presence across the entire site.
With some template-based website building platforms, adding modules and features causes speed and functionality issues. Our Designers and Web Developers know how to design and build sites that look exceptional but also won’t crash or load at a snail pace after adding in all the features you require. We have an extensive offering of website modules and services available to build and design your new website.

We work with you to determine what will or won’t work for your site. Our bottom line is giving you a website that looks good, performs well, and attracts leads. 

Industrial Website Design and B2B Website Redesign Services

Your site is the face of your business. For over 20 years we have been a leader in industrial web development and website design for OEMs, contract manufacturers, distributors, fastener companies, and industrial B2B in general. Let us help you build an industrial B2B website that fits your brand and your marketing budget while delivering the website functionality you need. 

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