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B2B Copywriting Services

A website without high-quality content is like a brochure missing all the product specs. If you don’t give people the details they need to make an informed buying decision, they’ll go elsewhere to make a purchase. 

B2B Copywriting and Ecommerce Copywriting 

Anyone can put words on a page, but not everyone knows how to write content that attracts a specific buyer and drives sales. That's where we come in. 
Our copywriters understand the industrial B2B market and the types of users that typically visit your website. They work with you to understand your business, products, and services.  Then, they use their knowledge and experience with industrial clients to craft compelling content that gets you noticed online and convinces people to convert.   Whether you need technical guides, blog posts, case studies, email copy, or content for your product or service pages, our copywriters can handle your website copywriting needs.

B2B Copywriter Services

Attracting visitors to your industrial website is the first step in increasing conversions. To do that, you need website content that is not only well-written and customer-centric but optimized to improve your website's visibility online.

The web copywriting process involves more than haphazardly plugging a bunch of popular search terms into your blog posts and product or service pages. We consider content creation an art form, using data and strategy to develop an intentional goal for each page.  Analytics and research help us find the right keywords for search engine optimization. The copywriters then use the information and create unique, branded, informative, and SEO-friendly content for your site. 

But the copywriting work doesn't stop with product and service pages. Whether it's a two-sentence social media post or a 2,000-word whitepaper, our digital marketing team and copywriters work together to be sure that your B2B content marketing is backed by research and data.
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Website Copywriting Services Tailored to your Industrial Business

Writing for industrial B2B audiences presents different and more complex challenges than B2C marketing. First, you need to provide general and easy-to-understand information for prospective customers conducting initial company research. There’s also the importance of providing product specifications and technical data for engineers and OEMs at various stages of the buying process.
Our industrial B2B copywriters know how to translate technical data into digestible information that appeals to your customers. They’ll create homepage copy that showcases your competitive advantages and draws prospects deeper into your site. On your product and service pages, they'll add all the technical details needed to help customers finalize their buying decision. They can also provide web copywriting for blog posts and case studies that help establish your authority and expertise in your industry. 

Covering All Of Your Marketing Content Needs

Website Content

Web copywriting backed by SEO research helps people find your industrial website in search results and convinces them to purchase products or submit an RFQ. We also create technical sheets, case studies, and industry pages to provide customers with all the information they need and further improve your ranking in search results.

Blog Posts

Blogging about industry-specific topics of interest helps you establish credibility in your field. We provide web copywriting for short and long-form blog posts that are relevant to your customer base and help your business get noticed online.

Social Media & Emails

Social media and email marketing help you connect with customers and expand your customer base. Working together, our copywriters and digital marketers create a content strategy unique to your business.

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B2B Content Marketing Strategy

Having a successful and well-rounded content strategy goes beyond trying to boost leads and sales.  We also help you develop long-standing customer relationships by establishing your business as a trusted expert in your market. Other areas we focus on include lead generation and nurturing, and connecting with prospects and customers through various digital channels. 

Our copywriters and digital marketers work together to assess your content needs and devise a plan specifically tailored to your industrial business and online marketing goals. We take your current and future needs into consideration and conduct competitive research to determine the best content marketing strategy for success.

B2B Copywriting and Ecommerce Copywriting is What We Do

Take a stroll by the copywriter zone, and all you’ll hear is the constant tapping of keyboards. In-between all that typing you’ll also hear side conversations about the different types of fasteners on a client’s site or the best way to write a blog post about hydraulic cylinders or high precision shaft couplings.  Our B2B copywriters understand the importance of getting to know your company’s brand and voice so they can speak to your target customer. The copywriters take time to learn about specific terminology, certifications, and other factors that make your content sound like it was written by industry experts. 

We specialize in designing and building websites for industrial clients so our copywriters have the experience and know how to develop the website copywriting specific to your industry.   We deliver B2B copywriting and ecommerce copywriting that is not only informative but accurately represents your products, services, and business. 

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We provide website copywriting services for everything from complete website builds or redesigns to articles for submission to trade publications. Our SEO specialists work closely with our copywriters to ensure your b2b copy is accurate, thorough, and ready to pull your website content into those search engine results. 

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