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B2B Sales Quoting Website Solutions

Many transactions in the B2B world start with a quote. Without a good quoting system on your website, you risk losing opportunities to competitors who make it easier to request a quote.   Many industrial websites offer just a price, which is like saying “take it or leave it” to customers and essentially telling them to go to another website. Offering a sales quoting option for products tells your customers, “We’ll work with you on pricing, come to us with your questions.” Your goal should be starting relationships, not losing them.

B2B Ecommerce Websites with Quoting Capabilities

B2B sales quoting websites from Ecreative provide a solution for companies that are not ready to sell online but want to offer customers the option to show interest in products through a quote or request for information. Your customers get the convenience of browsing product specs and using online tools to find the products they need. The only difference is that the cart converts to an RFQ instead of walking them through a standard checkout process where they pay. The best part is that everything is sent in one step, eliminating the need to complete and submit multiple quote request forms.

When you are ready to sell products on your website, you can easily turn on ecommerce functionalities, whether it’s on the public-facing side of your site or an area restricted to customers with a login.  B2B sales quoting solutions from Ecreative might be the right solution for you if:
  • You want to offer a product browsing experience without selling online
  • Having the option to sell online and offer RFQ options interests you
  • Displaying your prices online might upset distributors and top customers
  • Your products are expensive or configurable and usually involve a discussion before people buy them
  • The thought of doing ecommerce gives you an instant headache

Increased Conversions

__seo Presenting B2B customers quoting options can help increase sales. With our sales quoting platform, customers can quote for higher quantities, quote with questions, or contact you to negotiate pricing. 

Convenient Sales Quoting

point and click illustration Cutting and pasting part numbers into multiple quote forms is frustrating for customers. Our B2B quoting solution lets them quote at a part number, then submit everything in one RFQ.

Improved Quote Accuracy

point and click illustration Add-ons like Part Builders or Product Configurators let customers select product features, then submit a quote request. With rule-based or configurable products, customers can build a part number and then submit it as an RFQ. 

Flexible Sales Quoting Systems

B2B customers appreciate being offered more than one buy option. Our sales quoting solution gives you the flexibility to sell, sell and quote, or offer products as quote only.  And unlike RFQ extensions and plug-ins offered by many web design companies, Ecreative’s solution lets you turn quoting functionalities off and on anytime as your business needs and inventory change.

Customer-Specific Sales Quoting Options

B2B businesses often prefer to offer quote-only options to the public. But you still need a solution that allows you to show pricing lists to distributors and repeat customers with an account.  With our B2B sales quoting solution, products can present as quote-only until a customer logs in. This feature lets you set the pricing by location, purchase quantity, and other factors without upsetting resellers or other customers.

Streamlined Quote Request Process

All businesses handle quoting differently. What makes our B2B sales quoting solution unique is the option to handle RFQ communications through email or the customer’s account.  After you quote the products in their cart, customers can buy directly from your email response—no more tracking spreadsheets or losing RFQs in your inbox. 


Sales Quoting Communication Management

Manage sales quotes in whichever way works best for your business. Our standard offering manages sales quotes through your website. But we can configure your B2B sales quoting system to manage quotes through email, interface with your CRM, or integrate with your ERP system. 

An Experienced Approach to Industrial RFQ Websites

We’ve worked hard to improve how customers submit quotes on B2B websites. With hundreds of website successes in our portfolio, our website development experts can design a B2B ecommerce site with sales quoting solutions to meet the unique needs of your industrial business.

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