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Your website is a big investment, and like any investment, you want to be sure that you get a good ROI. Your industrial B2B website may be doing okay for you, but with a little analysis from a certified team of digital marketing experts, it will most likely perform even better. The only way to know for sure that you’re showing up and ranking well for search engines and getting the best overall results is to monitor your website’s performance with Google Analytics. Unlike other web analytics agencies, we specialize in the industrial market.  For over 20 years, we have been building industrial and eocmmerce websites and offering industrial SEO and paid search services for OEMS, distributors, contract manufacturers, fastener companies, and a host of other industrial ecommerce websites.  

What are Website Analytics?

Website analytics involves the collection, measurement, analysis, and reporting of key data related to the web traffic coming to and performance of a website, for the purposes of optimizing that site for improved effectiveness. The “effectiveness” of a webpage can be measured against any metric the client prefers—sales, RFQs, email or newsletter subscriptions, or other types of conversions. Simply put, website analytics is the use of strategic statistical analysis to make a website perform better. With an SEO program or Paid Search services from Ecreative (or both), your company website can see significant improvement in targeting the right traffic and improving your brand recognition, KPIs, goals and sales in relatively little time.

Google Analytics Certified Specialists

Because Google Analytics statistics can be difficult to make sense of, Ecreative offers complete Google Analytics services for industrial B2B clients. Our Digital Marketing Specialists are Google Analytics Certified and our Paid Search Team is Google Pay per Click certified.  We can help you understand what your website stats mean and glean important insights that drive the action items recommended for your b2b website when you enroll in an SEO program or Paid Search program with Ecreative.  

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Web Analytics Reporting

Google Analytics can tell you where your site is performing well and where it needs improvement. Our Digital Marketing Specialists interpret this data for you, and suggest new SEO strategies based on what those numbers show. Through website analytics, we can provide insights about who’s visiting your site and how your site performs once visitors have found it.

Website Visitor Traffic Insights

When it comes to analyzing visitor traffic to your site, simply measuring your clicks and rankings doesn’t cut it. Ecreative’ website analytics experts will educate you on measuring what really matters.
  • What pages are getting the most views?
  • What queries are being used to pull up your website?
  • What are the sources of your traffic? (Google, Bing, Yahoo, Duck Duck Go, Etc)
  • From what medium is your traffic coming?  (Organic, Direct, Referral, Etc.)

Website Performance Metrics

  • How fast are you pages loading?
  • What are the click through rates?
  • How many goals and what type and from which pages?
  • And so much more...

Web Analytics Services for Industrial B2B Websites

Whether you prefer a quick overview of how your site is performing or you want to drill deep into detailed statistics, web analytics allows for reporting that makes sense for you and your business. Our Digital Marketing team can help you translate Google Analytics data into an effective SEO internet marketing strategy to reach your target market. With a B2B SEO program from Ecreative, a Digital Marketing Specialist will meet with you and provide a detailed analytics report every month, in an easy to read format, with full explanations and recommendations. In addition, we have a dedicated copywriter and developer assigned to each account so you'll have a full service team working to get those metrics moving in the right direction on your website! 

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Partner with Ecreative for your web analytics services.  We have a full service web development and industrial marketing team that has been specializing in industrial businesses for over 20 years.  Visit our portfolio or read some of our success stories to see for your yourself.  Give us a call or schedule a consultation to see how we can help you use the Google Analytics data to improve your B2B website performance today!

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