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Is your company having problems with keeping your blog platform up to date? Are you looking for a blogging platform that better fits your company’s needs? Ecreative has created just that. A new blog module with a user-friendly interface that includes features you can’t find in many of the popular blogging platforms available. Let's dig into some of the issues you may be currently experiencing and take a look at some of the solutions our new blog platform provides!

Typical Blogs are Cheap to Set Up but Expensive to Maintain

Anyone can set up a WordPress blog. But who keeps it up to date? Who finds the plugins and manages their compatibility and separate updates? Who develops your custom applications? How about security updates or features that are only supported on new versions of WordPress? What about updates to the server? These are all important questions to address and chances are your answer to each of them is “no one.” 
Ecreative implemented a blog module to address these issues and concerns. We designed our blogging platform with built-in security features to eliminate the need for regular plugin updates and reduce your vulnerability to hacking and online threats. All blog maintenance is also handled by our team of professionals who adhere to the ever-changing best practices.
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If your website is on one platform and your blog on another, then someone has to keep their designs and technical implementation in sync. If you decide to update the URL structure of your website or tweak elements of the design to suit more modern tastes, it has to be done in two places. Managing two platforms can be costly and time-consuming.
Our blog platform integrates into your existing website admin and uses the same familiar interface. You can now make sweeping changes across both your site and blog in one place. Integration eliminates the hassle of transferring files, photos, and documents from one platform to another, cutting down on time and expense.

Blog Simplicity and Functionality

Because some source code is open-source and free, there are constant updates to it that could add or remove functionality that you and your business depend on.
Ecreative builds websites that fit the way your site launches. The functionalities you need are built into your website and blog from the start and won’t be removed suddenly when updates occur.

An SEO Friendly Blog

There are lots of blog platforms that claim to be SEO-friendly. This is true to a certain extent; you can edit some of the elements that Google and other search engines care about. But there are many templates and themes that have inherent violations of SEO best practices. These themes have to be cleaned up or tweaked in order to perform well on search engines. On top of that, web standards change at an ever-increasing pace: if your brand new blog is already behind the curve because of the theme, what happens in a year when it’s even further behind and out of date?
The Ecreative blog platform was created with an SEO-friendly perspective in mind. We added functionalities including the ability to edit title tags and meta descriptions across your blog, as well as the ability to edit your blog tags. This feature is not included on most other blogging platforms but helps improve your SEO. With advanced SEO-driven features, your blog becomes an excellent way to establish authority in your market and attract more prospective customers to your website.
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Ecreative’s blog platform solves these problems and more for our clients. While the initial cost of setting up a blog on a proprietary platform may be more expensive than a free blogging platform, the long-term viability and effectiveness can’t be beat. 

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