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Integrated B2B Blogging Platforms

You probably know that having a website is essential if your business wants to stay competitive. Maybe you’ve even thought, “I should really start blogging for my website.”  Well, you’ve come to the right place!

There are a lot of blogging platforms out there, but most don’t provide the creative flexibility, usability, and security you need. And they’re certainly not tailored to the needs of the industrial market.

Ecreative designed its module with industrial blogging in mind. Our intuitive, integrated industrial blogging platform makes it simple to create and manage posts from your existing website admin. SEO-friendly tools help you target the right audience and boost exposure online.

A Better Platform for Industrial Blogging

When your blog lives separately from your website, you’re sending current and prospective customers two places to get information.  In addition to being frustrating for customers, it makes it more time-consuming for you to manage content. 
Our integrated B2B blogging platform is accessible from your ecommerce or RFQ website admin, allowing you to post and manage all your site content in one place. We also packed our module full of beneficial features to help you get the most out of your B2B blog marketing efforts.
  • Designed for SEO: We incorporated vital components such as title tags, meta descriptions, and SEO-friendly URLs to improve each post’s visibility in search engines.
  • Improved Security: Most platforms use plug-ins to add features. If these plug-ins aren’t updated regularly, it creates a huge security risk. Our blog includes all the same features without using plug-ins, creating a more secure platform.
  • Integrated User-Friendly Interface: We build the industrial blogging platform right into your existing Ecreative RFQ or ecommerce database website admin for convenient access.
  • Cohesive Design: Branding is how people recognize businesses and products. Integrating a blog into your website ensures consistency in design and branding.

Will B2B Blog Marketing Help Me Increase Business?

It sure can! In fact, there are several benefits to industrial blogging.  Think of all the well-known companies in your industry. People choose to work with these businesses because they’ve established trustworthiness and authority in their respective industries. Customer experience and reviews are part of that success, but you can bet they also publish content that helps build brand awareness and educate people about their products or services.

Become an Authoritative Voice in Your Industry

Buyers want to know they can trust a company and research several options before deciding whom to use. Building a library of relevant blog posts is a great way to grab the attention of customers and demonstrate your expertise on a topic, so people know they can trust your business. It also presents the opportunity for industry publications to link your blog pots.

Increase Your Audience Outreach Using Social Media

Eye-catching icons make it easy for people to share blog posts on social media channels such as LinkedIn and Facebook, providing you an opportunity to reach a broad audience.

Reach More Customers with Our B2B Blogging Platform 

Ready to start blogging for your website? Request a quote to discuss adding a B2B blogging platform or any of our other website modules to your Ecreative ecommerce or RFQ site!

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