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CMS Website Development for Industrial B2B

Custom B2B CMS Solutions from Ecreative

CMS websites (Content Management Systems) are basic website platforms with simple and straightforward designs. These CMS B2B website platforms are ideal for custom contract manufacturers and industrial businesses that want to educate their target audience on their company's products or services and generate leads through "contact us" or "request a quote" forms.  CMS websites provide the right avenue to build your brand and promote your products and/or services to the engineer or technical buyer without the full complexity or functionality of an ecommerce website.

Common Issues With Popular "Plug and Play" Website Platforms

There are many “plug and play” website platforms to choose from that market themselves as user-friendly and affordable. They aren’t exactly wrong. Many popular CMS platforms make it fast easy to build a site using templates and a variety of plug-ins. The issue, however, is that for the low price and convenience, you risk sacrificing security, speed, and usability. Plug-ins allow you to add a variety of functions and features to your website with a simple click of a button. But the more plug-ins you add to your site, the slower it runs. Time is money. A slow-loading website can equate to lost sales and missed lead opportunities. Slow sites result in search engine penalties that reduce your rankings with search engines, making your website harder to find.  Security is another issue with many popular CMS website platforms. Just like the apps on our phones, website plug-ins regularly update to fix glitches and improve security – and unfortunately, these updates don’t happen automatically. If you don’t keep all the plug-ins installed on your website completely up-to-date, you make your site vulnerable to huge security gaps that put your data and customers at risk.

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B2B CMS Web Solutions

You supply us with the information, and we build your CMS B2B website so you can focus on other aspects of your business. Our team of project managers, developers and designers will work with you on website branding, design, development and data population.  If you don’t have a writer on staff, don’t worry. We have a team of experienced industrial B2B copywriters on hand to produce the customized new or refreshed content you may need to get your new website off to a great start.

B2B CMS Website Examples

Take a look at a few examples below or visit our portfolio to see many other great B2B CMS website examples we've built for industrial clients across the United States.

Chicago Metal Rolled Products

Chicago Metal Rolled Products website snapshot

Stack Plastics

Stack Plastics website snapshot

VPI Technology Group

VPI Technology Group website snapshot

Custom CMS Website Development

Our CMS platform advantages include:

  • Get a safer and more secure B2B CMS website. When Ecreative designs your CMS website, you get a fast and secure CMS platform that’s monitored and updated regularly to minimize these issues. We also have a support team onsite and available to answer any questions regarding your site’s functionality.
  • Customize your website’s aesthetics. Worried about how your site will look? Fear not. We can design your CMS website with all the same dazzling features and stunning graphics as the CMS platforms other companies offer. The only difference is we build our CMS websites with your site code and optimize your B2B website to give your customers faster load times. Whether they’re reading about your services, browsing a project gallery, or watching a demo video on your website, they won’t have to worry about slow loading pages.
  • Work with Industrial B2B Website Experts. You also get to benefit from the industry expertise of our project managers, designers, and developers who understand what industrial customers want and need in a CMS platform. We build intuitive navigations that tell search engines what you do and help users find the right information quickly. Our CMS solutions are also flexible to accommodate the needs of all markets and customer types. Visit our portfolio to see examples of some of the best CMS websites from Ecreative.
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With over 3800 industrial website projects launched and over 20 years of experience with industrial website builds, Ecreative can build a custom B2B CMS website that effectively promotes your business and generates high-quality sales leads. Give us a call or set up an appointment to learn how we can build an industrial website that can help take your business to the next level.

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