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Database Website Base Features

What if you could control the e-commerce portion of your website with a couple of quick clicks? It might sound too good to be true, but our team has developed base features that make it simple to manage all your website content.  You don’t have to be tech-savvy to figure it out, either. We aimed to make all the processes as user-friendly as possible. Because nobody wants to worry about calling a website developer to make a few quick changes to your site.

User Friendly Website Admin

Manage all of your products and website pages with an easy and intuitive administration area, designed for users of all skill levels. The website admin is a password-protected area of your website that only designated people can access. Think of it as the self-serve “hub” of your website, where you maintain and manage everything from product lists to on-page content.
Ecreative has developed an admin that gives you the flexibility to offer all your products for sale, for quote, or for both. No more having to choose between one or the other. Our user-friendly website platforms let you turn RFQ and e-commerce features off and on as you wish, just by clicking a button.  
We didn’t stop there! Our e-commerce and RFQ cart websites come with several standard features designed to meet your demands without sacrificing convenience.

Change Product Information Quickly with Importer/Exporter Feature

Update your product lists, pricing, specs, and website images in a few short steps with the importer/exporter base feature. Instead of logging in and adding or deleting multiple items manually, all you need to do is export a spreadsheet from your website, change the necessary information, and re-upload (import) the revised spreadsheet to your site.

Track and Manage the RFQ Process with a Quote Negotiator Feature

The quote negotiator function provides an option for customers to send off a virtual cart full of products for a quote request. Instead of entering their shipping and payment information on the site, the contents of their shopping cart convert to a quote request that you can view, manage, and reply to within the website's administration.  

Once that RFQ comes into your company, you can manage the communication and pricing details through your website's admin, then finalize the order and handle shipping and payment details offline, through your normal systems. If your website has e-commerce functionality built in, you can do 100% of this process through the site's admin!

Download and Analyze Sales Reports from your Website Admin

The purpose of having a website is to attract new business and make sales. Monitoring website traffic and analyzing different portions of the sales funnel gives you access to the insight and data needed to do this well. Ecreative's comprehensive reports allow you to collect, analyze and act on this data. You can download these reports from your website's admin at any time. If you have specific reporting guidelines, our team can build out customized sales reports based on your company’s needs.

Edit Critical SEO Components to Improve Search Engine Visibility

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) involves on-page and behind-the-scene website changes aimed at improving performance with search engines and increasing traffic to your site. Our website administration lets you access and change URLs and meta data one by one or by uploading a spreadsheet using the importer/exporter feature.

Interested in Building a Product Database Website?

Learn more about our base features for database websites.  Serving OEMs, Contract Manufactuers, Distributors and the B2B market in general, Ecreative has built over 3800 websites over the last 20+ years for industrial businesses.  View our portfolio to see a variety of examples and then set up a consultation today.

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