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Paid Search Management

Search Engine Marketing (SEM) with Measurable Results

Stop playing the guessing game when it comes to online marketing and start utilizing user data to get in front of more potential customers at a lower cost using paid search services. Whether your budget is $1,000 or $10,000, Ecreative has an experienced team of PPC (pay-per-click) SEM experts excited to get to know you and find the right strategy for your industrial business. We can accurately interpret data and insights from Google, social media and additional leading PPC platforms and implement effective campaigns to drive user traffic, secure more qualified leads and increase sales.
An experienced team of certified Google pay per click specialists creates a customized PPC campaign to target the right customers.  We offer paid search management for distributors, fastener companies, OEMs, manufacturers, and many other industrial ecommerce clients.

Paid Search Solutions Tailored to Your Industrial Business

Paid search management services encompass several methods of improving your online visibility and increasing user engagement. Our Google Certified specialists have the unique capability to create, build and expand fully customized audiences based on location, language, demographic, device, time and more for improved audience targeting. We assess your industry, needs, and budget to create a plan using a full suite of tested PPC strategies on multiple high-performing platforms to give you the best return on your investment, including:
  • Google & Bing Pay-Per-Click (PPC)
  • Paid Social Ads (Facebook & LinkedIn)
  • YouTube Video Ads
  • Google Shopping Campaigns & More

Paid Search Services Include Competitor Research

We also regularly monitor what your SEM campaign competitors are doing and make recommendations based on that research. By staying on top of paid advertising trends and the ever-evolving world of digital marketing, your paid search advertising dollars will be used effectively and deliver the best results. For some real-life examples of successful paid advertising campaigns, take a look at a few success stories here.
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Graph showing positive project sales growth

Paid Search Strategy and Reporting

  • Measurable: Analytics provide instant results and accumulate usable data to demonstrate the success of your paid advertising campaign. See which ads get the most clicks so you can measure your messaging success.
  • Cost-Effective: Only pay when someone reaches your website to ensure your budget is used as effectively and efficiently as possible.
  • Verifiable: Account for every dollar with paid search advertising, including where, when, and how it was spent. Easily adjust your marketing budget based on the success of specific campaigns.
  • Traceable: Assess the profitability of your campaign by comparing leads and profits to dollars spent. Get data showing exact ROI, how many RFQs become leads or how many Ad clicks turn into purchases.
  • Transparent: Our paid search manaagement team provides comprehensive and transparent monthly reporting to show you exactly how your paid advertising dollars are spent and how well each SEM campaign is performing.

PPC Services Driven by Data Analytics and Your Goals

We understand the need for transparency and communication when establishing how your paid advertising budget is spent.  Our team is experienced with targeting an effective ROI for industrial businesses. The last thing we want to see you do is spend money on paid search services that aren’t working effectively. Our team of certified paid search specialists assesses performance throughout each campaign and makes sound recommendations based not just on metrics, but on conversations with you about your specific industrial market and business goals. Browse the paid search blog posts to learn more about our paid search services with paid advertising tips, tricks and trends from our paid search team.
We specialize in the B2B industrial market and understand that every business has unique needs and challenges. Getting to know about you, your company, and your target audience is the first step in developing a successful paid search strategy. Using this information, we determine which methods and techniques work best for your market and audience and set targeted goals to maximize your profits.  Whether you choose SEO or Paid Search Services, Ecreative can work with you to develop the right SEO or PPC Strategy, or both, for maxium ROI of your digital marketing dollars.

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Ecreative puts your paid advertising budget to work in a way that is profitable and based on your organization’s needs. Connect with our team to learn how paid search advertising can help you boost user engagement and website sales to reach your industrial business goals this year.

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