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Industrial Website Design in Illinois

Many companies sell industrial websites, but few recognize the unique challenges industrial businesses face. Industrial B2Bs need a website that does more than just list products or services. Many companies require a customized B2B ecommerce platform that caters to a specific industrial audience. Ecreative works with many manufacturers and distributors based in the Chicago area as well as greater Illinois.

Our industrial website platforms goes can be customized to your needs, much more so than all of the template-based DIY website platforms. Take a look at our portfolio and you can see CMS, RFQ and Ecommerce sites we have built for OEMs, Contract Manufacturers, Industrial Distributors, Fastener Distributors, and more. 

Illinois Industrial Website Examples

While Ecreative works with companies around the US, many of our clients are based in the Illinois, Chicago and outlying suburbs. Examples of industrial websites we have developed include:
We specialize in building websites for the industrial market.  Take a look at our portfolio to see many other examples of industrial websites we have built.
Other Industrial Website Examples

Manufacturing Websites

With extensive experience with B2B manufacturing companies, Ecreative understands what contract manufacturers need. Our custom industrial website tools include

Additionally, we offer dozens of other customizable website features.

Optional Industrial Website Features  

Industrial B2B Ecommerce Websites

Ecommerce for Industrial Fastener Companies in Chicago

Ecommerce websites for fastener distributors requires custom tools such as faceted searchERP integration, and enhanced search functionality. We also offer custom product configurators with 3D imaging options. 

OEM Ecommerce Website Design for Chicagoland Companies

Most OEMs need an ecommerce website that allows for added information to be accessed easily throughout the website. Product comparisontechnical libraries, and custom options like mega menu navigation can have your website working just as hard as you do.

Full Website Shipping Integration

What about shipping options? We’ve got that covered, too. Integrate your site with USPS, FedEx, UPS, LTL, and Drop Shipping for convenient delivery of everything from batteries to CNC machines. And each purchase is handled through credit card processing companies, to give your customers fully secured shopping experiences.

Increase Your Revenue with Customizable B2B Website Features

Illinois based companies that work primarily with OEMs and distributors have different website needs than companies selling directly to the public. The engineers and industrial customers who visit your website need a high level of product detail before they can begin the decision-making process. And since we know most business owners work long hours outside the typical 8-5 window, you want to make sure they can access your product information anywhere, and at any time.  We offer a variety of B2B website module tools that can help your website perform like your best salesperson 24 hours a day!

Custom Website Features  


Shopping Cart Icon If are ready to sell products online, an ecommerce website is the perfect solution for you. Our ecommerce platform offers enhanced functionalities like request for quote, direct buy, or combination of both options. With the capability to choose a request a quote or direct buy, you can select which products you want for quoting or buying all with a click of a button. Manage your inventory, monitor your monthly sales, and streamline your sales process with an ecommerce website customized for your business goals and needs.

Ecommerce Websites 


Shopping cart icon with red x over it Our custom website solutions include RFQ website and CMS website options for clients who do not have an immediate need for an ecommerce website. We can set up your website using a product database platform, so it is easier to implement the ecommerce functions down the road. This is easier and less expensive than rebuilding your entire website when you are ready to sell online.

RFQ Websites                       CMS Websites

Rebuild Your Industrial Website with Ecreative

For over 25 years, Ecreative has designed and developed industrial websites specialized for manufacturers, distributors, and OEMs based in Chicagoland and outlying suburbs. We create custom websites that have the adaptability and flexibility to grow as your company grows.

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