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Technical Document Library

Case studies, datasheets, catalogs…companies in the industrial sector have numerous resources to share with their customers and site visitors. You want to make all this valuable information readily available but are unsure of the best way to organize it.

Organizable and Searchable Resource Libraries Improve Your Website

A Technical Library is a fully customizable module used to create an organized area of your website for all your documents. This database solution provides the consistency that improves user experience and the structured categories needed for searchability and SEO.


A Resource Library Customized to Your Needs  

Technical libraries aren’t just for spec sheets and other technical documents. You can also use this as an area to house company news, press releases, photos, videos, or any additional information. Keeping all your data and resources in one space makes it easier for people to find information and helps you keep track of the information posted on your site.
Create categories for all your resources, and upload and organize information easily from your site admin. Change permissions with the click of the button whenever you need to restrict access to specific documents or sections of the library. You can also track who is downloading materials, and when, for lead generation and easy follow-up.
Well-organized categories and a search box provide users with convenient ways to navigate the library and find information.

The Ability to Control Access to Your Technical Information

Sometimes you don’t want to share all your technical documents with the general public. Or perhaps you want site visitors to provide information before accessing and downloading documents. We can customize the Technical Library Module to include a contact form that users must complete before viewing certain documents.

Technical library access can be even further controlled with the addition of Private Password Groups. This functionality combination allows you to restrict access to the entire Technical Library or to specific sections.  Need to create gated, “lock and release” resources for your employees? Or require customer login for access to your spec and CAD Drawings?

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