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Ecreative is a Minneapolis-based agency providing industrial web development and B2B SEO services for Industrial B2B businesses. We understand the unique needs of industrial B2B business websites and specialize in providing customized solutions for that market.

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We Specialize in B2B Web Development and Industrial Digital Marketing

Every Minneapolis business has different needs, which is why we provide a variety of solutions for industrial B2B websites. Our start-to-finish website design services help you stay competitive in the rapidly growing industrial market by creating an online presence that performs well and caters to the needs of engineers, OEMs, and distributors.

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Website Design that includes Branding and Functionality

Using the assets you provide, our Graphic Designer will create a mockup website design for your review. We want your industrial B2B website not only to look great and be true to your brand but provide the functionality you and your site visitors need. Our team also wants you to love your new site. That’s why we take every measure to ensure you are comfortable with the design before moving into the build stage.

What is Involved with a Website Build Project?

Our Project Managers, Design Team, and Developers take a strategic approach to finding the best solutions for your Minneapolis business. We look beyond the aesthetics of your site and dive into the navigation, site structure, and functionality to see what’s working—and what isn’t. As experts in digital marketing, we understand that this step is essential in improving not only usability, but organic search and SEO.

After conducting a meticulous site review, we develop a strategic plan that considers the design, features and functions needed to ensure your new website is packaged in an eye-catching design and user-friendly format that performs well in search engines.

We don’t stop there. Ecreative offers unique solutions including Part Configurators, CAD Models, Manufacturer Pages, Modified Quote Process, and other customized modules designed to meet the needs of Minneapolis industrial B2B businesses.

Website Design and Build Proven Processes

After signing off on your proposal, we place you in the care of one of our skilled and highly organized Project Managers. They support you through every step of the design and build process and do their best to make sure the project gets completed on time and within budget.  During the pre-production phase, we collect all the assets needed to build and design your ecommerce, RFQ cart, or CMS website. These assets can include current website copy, new copy from our b2b copywriting team, images, product data spreadsheets, and any other supporting documents. Our team works with your existing systems, including ERPs, to place the data in the format required for your new website.  The Project Managers test your site in a live environment to check for bugs and verify everything is in working order. At the same time, the Digital Marketing Team handles all redirects from your old site to the new site, and checks analytics to make sure your goals are tracking. Once everything is in order, we'll ask you for a review before we push it live.   Your Project Manager remains available for the first month after production ends to handle minor tweaks and train your staff on how to use the new site admin. 

Get a Website that Performs as well as your Top Salesperson!

Ecreative has been building industrial websites for over 20 years.  We've built over 3800 websites for contract manufacturers, distributors, OEMs, fastener companies and other industrial B2B companies.  Visit our portfolio to see some great examples of industrial websites from Ecreative and contact us for a web development quote today.

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