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Creating Engineer-Focused Industrial Websites That Work

As the engineers retire, especially since Covid, younger engineers were educated depending on search engines.  Your website needs to sell why they should work with you and define the type of business you want to receive. There have been other changes as trade shows being replaced by supplier/vendor websites. It is imperative that industrial marketers utilize online content to reach the 50% (and growing) of engineers actively searching for products and services online. This recent shift to the web has caused engineers to become more active in the online buying process than ever. The browsing habits and website needs of engineers requires an updated digital strategy to ensure your website works for your customer.  How do you serve the technical buyer’s needs? Ecreative is here to help you stay ahead of the competition.

Websites Engineered for an Evolving Online Industrial Business Landscape

It’s no secret that the shift from in-person, event-based marketing has left an impact on how we think about B2B and B2C marketing. More and more engineers are relying on online content to inform their buying journey, with the online journey being increasingly popular among engineers. New approaches to digital marketing include:

Email Marketing | Online Trade Publications | In-Depth Blog posts | Webinars | Case Studies | White Papers | Social Media | and More

With a full suite of capabilities and a team of digital marketing and industrial copywriting experts ready to help, Ecreative can help you optimize your industrial website content and capture more qualified leads. Contact us  and let us utilize our full suite of Web Development and Digital Marketing services to boost your brand’s success!
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Finding The Right Approach For Industrial Digital Marketing

While your goal might stay the same, each user is different. Research shows that engineers ages 45 and under expect to find comprehensive websites where technical information can be found on a single web page without the need to make a phone call or craft an email. Conversely, older users want contact information and prefer to speak to someone over the phone.

How Can Ecreative Help You Reach More Engineers?

Overall, engineers rely on highly technical information and will fill out a form to access the content they need. This can result in difficult-to-produce content types, with the most effective tools including:
  • Datasheets
  • Case Studies
  • White Papers
  • Data Form Requests
  • In-Depth Blog Posts
  • Website Calculators & More

Trust The Experts in Industrial Marketing

Ecreative has the resources and experience required to utilize the most effective content types for providing ongoing value to your customers and ensuring they keep coming back. Our B2C industrial website design and development solutions are customizable to meet the unique needs of your business. We build mobile-friendly websites with or without ecommerce functionality. Our full agency of professionals is ready to help you optimize your web presence and grow your business!

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Attract More Engineers with an Industrial Website from Ecreative

Do you know what it takes to make your industrial business stand out in the competitive OEM online market? We do. Our industrial website designs and targeted marketing strategies will help set your B2B website up for success.

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