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Photo Gallery Database

Images are just as important as having informational content on your site pages. Providing a visual representation of your products, completed projects, facilities, or staff helps customers learn more about your business and see the quality of your work. Think of it as “show and tell” for your industrial B2B website.

Give Users an Organized Visual Representation of Your Services

People often judge a business based on the look and functionality of their website. Having a photo gallery that’s laid out consistently, with matching captions and thumbnail image sizes, provides a more professional impression than a gallery that’s piecemealed together. A photo gallery database also makes it easy to apply and modify image code, such as meta descriptions and alt tags.  
The addition of Local Left Navigation makes it easy for users to select a category to view from anywhere within the photo gallery. An alternative method of navigation would allow users to select a relevant category from a drop-down menu to view images from the selected category.

Creating A Database-Driven Image Gallery Based on Your Needs

Our Photo Gallery Database helps you develop an organized and consistent representation of your images. Photos enlarge when a user clicks on the thumbnail and display related descriptive text. Users can also click to scroll through a given category of photos.
We also build an administration to manage the databased photo gallery, allowing you to add, remove, or update images, categories, and descriptions easily.

Searchable Galleries Improve SEO

A categorized and searchable photo gallery improves your visibility in online image searches. Why is that important? Because if your images are organized and optimized in a database tool like this, it’s far more likely that an online search will lead to one of your company’s images. When a user lands on your company’s databased photo gallery, they may feel inclined to continue browsing through additional photos and pages on your website.  

Get A Database-Driven Image Gallery for Your Website

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