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Can users find information easily on your website? You might know where all your products and services “live” on your site but if a new customer can’t find what they need quickly, they’re going to leave. Give your site visitors the user experience they deserve with a Mega Menu.

Show Customers the Full Depth and Breadth of Your Business

Mega Menus are like the super-sized meal you used to get at the drive-through, but without the stomachache. Instead of just giving users a snack-sized version of all your offerings, you give them a full meal, and then some. All a user has to do is hover over one of your top-menu categories to see a complete listing of all the sub-pages under that category.  It’s a total game-changer for user experience.

Go a Step Beyond Standard Drop-Down Navigation

Having a drop-down menu under each of your primary navigation categories works well for some sites. However, if you have a broad range of product categories, or multiple levels of subcategories under each section, a standard drop-down menu can become challenging for a user to navigate. You want to make sure customers can see everything you offer easily—and without making them click in and out of multiple categories.
Another benefit of the Mega Menu feature is that it’s tailored to meet your exact needs. First, we look over your primary navigation to make sure you have clear, descriptive main categories. Next, we work to find the right spot for all your sub-pages and sub-sub-pages to create a flow that makes sense to users and search engines.

Increase the Likelihood of Customers Finding You Online

A Mega Menu isn’t just for site visitors. Search engine “bots” use the information in your navigation to see what’s on your website. That information is then used to determine how each page ranks in search engine.
If your pages don’t rank well, your website is less likely to show up in online search results. The Mega Menu gives a clear view of all your business offerings, making it easier for the bots to “crawl” your site and rank your pages for specific search terms.

Get Started on the Mega Menu

We know what the industrial B2B market needs and have the website services and industry expertise to make your website shine. Request a quote to get started on adding the Mega Menu feature to your site.  

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