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Banner Manager

Your website homepage is where most people start when they visit your site. That means you get one shot to draw people in and convince them to stay on the site. If you have a sale or special products to promote, this is the place to do it.

Online Advertising and Self-Promotion Made Simple

Banner Ads are static banners that populate when a website page loads. The best thing about Ecreative’s Banner Manager tool is that you have complete control. Highlight featured or new products, announce a sale or job opening, or promote a newsletter or mailing list. Switch things up daily, weekly, or whenever you feel inspired, all from within your website’s admin!

Get More out of Your Website with Our Website Banner Manager Functionality

Brainstorming ways to draw more attention to new or exclusive products? Looking for a way to engage users beyond the standard online methods? A Banner Manager may be the tool for you. Request a quote to get started!  

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