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Employment Database With Administration

Managing online job postings is a time-consuming task that takes you away from handling other components of your business. You need a solution that keeps all your job postings stored and organized and lets you post a new opening in a matter of minutes. 

Manage All Your Job Postings with A Few Simple Clicks

The Employment Database is an add-on functionality to CMS or database websites that manages job postings in a library structure. Once you add a job into the Employment Database Administration, all it takes in the simple click of a button to turn the posting “on” or “off.”
Gone are the days of having to rewrite and reload the same job descriptions over and over whenever positions becomes available. With this website add-on, it’s easy to edit, delete, and add job postings at your convenience. Whether you have a job posting for a single location or multiple facilities across the world, our team can develop an Employment Database Add-On that is tailored to your needs.

Give Your Job Posting Page A More Professional Look

First impressions are everything, and you want prospective employees to take your company seriously. Having an informative and well-structured employment section on your website provides a more professional experience than a simple webpage asking people to call your office or email their resume. The Employment Database with Administration functionality gives your website the organized and professional look needed to attract exceptional job candidates.

A Time-Saving Solution for Managing Job Postings and Applications

First, we create an Employment landing page to house all your active job listings, including the job title, location, and a brief synopsis. Below each listing is a “more details” link or call-to-action button customized with your preferred wording.

When a site visitor clicks the link or button, they’re directed to a web page with the full job description and an “Apply” call-to-action button.  Social media sharing buttons at the top of each page make it easy for people to share the job listing with their networks.

For visitors who wish to apply, one of two actions is available, depending on how your Employment Database is structured.

Option #1: Standard Employment Application Form with Attachments

With this option, candidates are directed to a simple contact form where they enter their personal details and a brief message, then upload a copy of their resume. This form includes up to 30 fields, and users can attach up to two files.

Option #2: Multi-Page Employment Application Form

The multi-page form includes a full online application that is filled out entirely online.  The form guides candidates through each section of the application, and after completion, they can upload copies over their resume, cover letter, and other documents.

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An Employment Database with Administration lets you spend less time managing job postings and more time finding the best person for the position.
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