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Are you following all the right protocols for online security? The recent issue of large, well-known companies having data breaches has people on edge. If a website looks outdated or doesn’t have a secure “https” URL, it’s unlikely a site visitor will enter their information into a contact form, let alone make a purchase with their credit card.

An Unsecure Site Results in Lost Sales

When people visit a site that isn’t secure, Google and other search engines display a “not secure” or warning message. That’s the last thing you want people to see because most users will immediately exit the site for fear of having their data compromised.  Now you’ve lost a potential sale.
Increase online security by letting the team at Ecreativeworks install an SSL certificate for your site.

Improve Your Site Security and SEO

An SSL, also known as a Secure Sockets Layer, provides an encryption between a web server where a website is hosted and the browser being used to access the website. This encryption ensures that any data entered on the website is kept secure as it’s passed back to the server. A secure website has a little padlock icon displayed in the URL address bar letting people know the site is secure. The website address also starts with “https://” instead of “http://.”
An SSL is essential for processing financial transactions and protects information entered in contact forms, newsletter signups, or any other form on your website—login information, too!
Setting up an SSL on your website is an essential security measure, but did you know it also helps to determine your search engine ranking? Remember how we talked about your website being flagged as “not secure” by search engines? Well, they also use the security of your site as a ranking factor. Installing an SSL certificate on your website helps boost your visibility in search engines so potential customers can find you.

Don’t Wait. Secure Your Site with HTTPS

Setting up an SSL on your website gives you and websites visitors peace of mind. Request a quote to learn more about improving your site security.

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