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Website Development For Machining Companies

Get More Leads with a New Website for Your Machining Company

  • What methods are you currently using to attract customers? Are they working?
  • Would your website show up in search results if someone typed “CNC machining companies” into their search bar?
The days of handing out brochures, cold calling, and using other “boots on the ground” tactics to attract customers are no longer enough to attract business. Many of today’s engineers and workers are part of a generation accustomed to finding everything they need online. Their strategy is to determine their needs, then search online for a reputable machining company that can provide that service for them.  If your website doesn’t provide enough information about your company and its machining services, it won’t show up in search engine results. And if it doesn’t show up in search engine results, well, you’ll miss out on a lot of potential business.

Experienced Website Developers for Machining Companies

At Ecreative, we use our 20+ years of industry knowledge and web design expertise to build functional, results-driven websites for machining companies. We’ll create a website that helps users understand your machining capabilities and highlights your areas of specialty.
To make the most of your site, we recommend implementing several functionalities into your industrial website design, including: Sometimes industrial companies don’t want to attract more business because they don’t have the staffing needed to support additional work. We can help you solve that problem by adding an employment database to your site that makes it easy for people to share and apply for openings at your production facility.

Improve Your Industrial Website's Content for More Customer Engagement

Customers are often on a tight schedule. They don’t have time to contact multiple companies for answers to questions that could easily be provided on a website. And if people can’t find immediate answers to these questions on your website, they’re likely to look elsewhere. Talking about quality standards, industry certifications, and the markets you serve is important, of course. But you also need to get into specifics, such as:
  • Talk about your machining equipment. Do you provide EDM machining or utilize 3, 4, or 5 axis machinery?
  • Your materials expertise. Do you machine metals, plastics, or both? Can you machine exotic alloys with precision?
  • What machining processes do you use? Some customers search for specific terms like EDM machining, lapping, or grinding.
  • Design services. Do you offer full design services or assist people with design questions and challenges?
  • Production capabilities. Do you focus on short, medium, or long-run production? What about prototyping?
  • What are your in-house tool and die capabilities? Do you offer full design services or design assistance?
  • Do you provide finishing and other secondary operations? Knowing someone can get all stages of their machining project covered through one company is a huge advantage.

Is Your Manufacturing Website Ready for a Redesign?

Our web design company provides results-driven website solutions for machining companies and other contract manufacturers. Once your website is live, we implement focused B2B digital marketing strategies that target the right users and increase your company’s visibility online. Visit our industrial website development portfolio to see more examples of our work, or request a quote to get started on your industrial website project.

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