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The Business Edge™ (TBE) Integration Capabilities

ERP software provides traceability in various aspects of your business, including distribution, manufacturing, and vendor managed inventory.   When integrated with your website, these tools become even more powerful at helping you improve time management, efficiency, and customer service.

TBE ERP Integration Streamlines Data and Communication

Ecreative’s TBE ERP integration capabilities help you streamline multiple processes to make the most out of your industrial website. Integrating your website and ERP system saves valuable time, energy, and resources by eliminating duplicate processes. Receiving orders in real time. Keep Pricing accurate on the website. Offer customer specific pricing on your website as examples of integrations. You’ll  feel more organized, which benefits your business and customers.  

The Business Edge™ (TBE) Website Integration

Ecreative has worked with many clients to integrate The Business Edge™ (TBE) with our website e-commerce and RFQ website platforms. Using the API's from the TBE software platform, you can automate several processes, including:
  • Order placement
  • Product Quote submittals directly into TBE
  • Inventory presentation (if wanted) or checking inventory upon adding to the cart
  • Standard  and customer-specific pricing on website from TBE data
  • Volume Product Pricing updated from TBE
  • Online customer services portals (see open quotes, order and past order details)
  • Updating and managing product pricing on your website 


Even though ERP platforms have a range of capabilities, there’s no need to feel overwhelmed or wonder how you can afford everything. The benefit of ERP integration is that you can pick and choose which features you want now and add others as they are needed.  You have invested a lot of time and monies for your TBE ERP and now it can help manage your website content and processes

Is it Time to Add ERP Integration to your Ecreative Industrial Website?

Start making the most of the time and resources used to manage your TBE software by integrating with your website. We’ve assisted more than a two dozen clients with The Business Edge™ integration. Using our ERP expertise, we’ll help you work through the best practices and will tackle any challenges we encounter. Our goal is to provide you the solutions you need at minimal cost to your business.

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