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Case Study

West End Consultation Group

West End Consultation Group already had a well-built website and good content. They needed a website design refresh and content revisions to attract the right traffic and new patients.

How We Helped:

  • Website Redesign
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Content Revisions


West End Consultation Group provides personalized outpatient psychiatric treatment plans for adults. They have a single location and work primarily with business professionals and couples seeking medication management and therapy. 
increase in impressions
increase in page clicks
increase in conversions

 The Challenge

West End Consultation Group had an adequate website; however, their content was more informational and resulted in visitors looking for general information rather than the therapeutic and medication management services provided. Their homepage also focused on one area of specialty instead of reflecting all their service offerings. The navigation made it difficult for users to easily access relevant information. As a result, much of their website traffic came from people seeking general information about mental health, not those wanting services.


 The Solution

West End Consultation Group needed a strategic and comprehensive digital marketing strategy that attracted the right users and generated appointments for the services they offered. Their digital marketing strategy included Search Engine Optimization (SEO) targeted towards their ideal patient and location-specific content to generate new patient appointment requests within their service area. A design refresh helped better reflect the clinic’s caring and casual atmosphere and a revised navigation made it easier for potential patients to find relevant information about the services they provided.


 The Results

Almost immediately after the website relaunch and execution of their digital marketing strategy, West End Consultation Group saw an increase in traffic and engagement. Since then, things have continuously moved in a positive direction.

  • In just the first two months post-launch, we saw a 94% increase in impressions and a 21% increase in clicks.
  • 1st quarter year-over-year post-launch results reflected a 394% increase in impressions, 94% increase in clicks, and 30% better search position.
  • Conversions increased 48% from 2018 to 2020.
Visit their website:  West End Consultation Group

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