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Case Study

Totten Tubes

Totten Tubes needed an agile website that could grow with their business. After working with Ecreative, they went from a small CMS website to a bigger RFQ ecommerce website that could match their success as an industry-leading steel tubing & pipe manufacturer. 

How We Helped:

  • Flexible Website Design
  • RFQ Ecommerce Website
  • Increased Sales Efficiency
  • Streamlined User Experience


Totten Tubes is a premium domestic distributor of structural steel tube and pipe for an extensive range of industries. Their wide inventory and specialized custom tubing services set them apart across the entire West Coast of North America.

increase in new site users
increase in online sessions
increase in goal completions

 The Challenge

Totten Tubes has sourced steel tubing for its customer base for over 65 years. They specialize in custom tubing capabilities, as well as hollow structural sections (HSS), pipe product lines (ASTM/API), and seamless products.

Totten Tubes' business was expanding, creating the need for a bigger, more powerful website. They were outgrowing their current website, and it could no longer support its needs. Knowing when to shift from a small, functional site with limitations to a larger, adaptable one also posed a challenge.

 The Solution

Our team created a website redesign to support Totten’s desires for their new website, while creating flexibility for future needs or changes as their business grows. Their small (non-ecommerce) CMS website became an RFQ ecommerce website that increased sales efficiency and user experience.

 The Results

Metrics for the 2019 calendar year vs the 2018 calendar year demonstrate the significant impact of a redesign and targeted marketing plan for Totten Tubes.

After the first year:
  • 41% increase in goal completions (+770)
  • Online sessions increased 88% (+68,981 sessions)
  • New users increased by a staggering 90% (+58,527 new users)
With the website redesign completed, the focus can shift towards content marketing and specific product line promotion. As Totten Tubes looks to increase its market share, competitive analysis and account-based marketing (ABM) have become a focal point for the company's sales and marketing goals.

Vist their website:  Totten Tubes, Inc.

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