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Case Study

Custom Molding and Extrusion Service Provider

A small custom molding and extrusion manufacturer struggled with decreasing user engagement and converting the right customers. Ecreative delivered targeted site content that increased goal completions and conversion rates. 

How We Helped:

  • Buyer Persona Development
  • Website UX Improvements
  • Targeted Content Creation


The client is a custom rubber, plastic, and silicone extrusion manufacturer offering start-to-finish custom molding and extrusion services. As an ISO 9001, AS9100, and IATF 16949 certified organization, their technical expertise and industry knowledge made them a trusted name in custom extrusion manufacturing.
increase in goal completions
increase in conversions

 The Challenge

Many businesses know who they want to target; however, it isn’t always who they are converting. The client was attracting traffic but experiencing a steady decrease in website engagement compared to the previous year. Strategic changes were needed to ensure user engagement didn’t decline further.

 The Solution

Ecreative worked with the client to better understand their user’s pain points, then developed a content strategy that engaged prospective clients in the digital marketplace. With a focus on connection, we delivered tailored content that increased goal completions and goal conversion rates.

 The Results

Ecreative developed user personas for a more targeted content approach. The team improved user experience sitewide to revive engagement and revamped the homepage to better communicate the client’s competitive advantages and company ideology.

A tone and message connected with the client’s target audience positively affected their digital marketing efforts. The client saw a huge increase in goal completions and conversions within six months of Ecreative implementing these changes.

Seeing these results in such a short period was impressive:
  • Goal completions increased 50%
  • Conversion rates increased a staggering 70%

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