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Case Study

Industrial Metal Supply

Having a user friendly, responsive website is critical if you serve industries where most customers work out in the field. As part of a highly competitive market, IMS needed to demonstrate its expertise and good reputation as a metal supplier.

How We Helped:

  • Website Redesign
  • Paid Advertising Campaign
  • Blogging


Industrial Metal Supply (IMS) is a metal distributor with six locations throughout the U.S. and an operation in Mexico. They stock and supply high-quality domestic and import metal to customers of all sizes and types, from manufacturers to DIYers.
increase in goal completions
increase in conversions
increase in clicks from PPC ads
increase in PPC goal completions

 The Challenge

Before working with Ecreative, IMS had a website built with Flash that could not be indexed. Their site also had usability issues that made it difficult for users to find products efficiently and easily. These issues resulted in a struggle to attract organic traffic to their site and increase their goal conversion rate. IMS wanted to expand into other product offerings and needed a partner like Ecreative that could deliver a modern, mobile-friendly website capable of supporting an extensive product database. The client also needed a way to establish themselves as an industry leader to new, potential customers.

 The Solution

Ecreative developed an eye-catching, mobile responsive website redesign that made it easy for users on any device to browse their extensive product database. We also launched a blog highlighting industry-relevant topics to drive traffic and demonstrate metal industry expertise. Our team developed a paid search strategy and campaign to generate qualified traffic to the new site while tactically increasing organic traffic through search engine optimization.

 The Results

Six months after launch, IMS saw a significant increase in organic traffic. Additionally, they continue to see an exponential return on their investment with the following deliverables:

  • Organic traffic grew by 2,000 visitors per month on average
  • Organic goal completions jumped to 6.9% from .07% in 6 months
  • Overall goal completions increased by 8,817.5%
  • Goal Conversion rate increased by 7,322%
  • Paid search traffic increased by 62%
  • Paid search goal completions increased by 6,326%
Visit their website:  Industrial Metal Supply

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