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Case Study

Hydraulic Cylinders, Inc.

Hydraulic Cylinders, Inc. wanted to increase online sales of their aftermarket cylinder products and increase custom cylinders inquiries. Ecreative’s multi-channel marketing strategy increased traffic to the site and helped HCI nearly double its net sales. 

How We Helped:

  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Email Marketing
  • Buyer Persona Development
  • Optimized Blog Copywriting


Hydraulic Cylinders, Inc. (HCI) provides American-made custom and aftermarket hydraulic cylinders for mobile equipment. They work with customers across all industries and applications, focusing on helping them “demolish downtime” with high-quality, high-performance cylinders.
growth in net sales
growth in daily gross sales
increase in website traffic
increase in impressions

 The Challenge

Before working with Ecreative, HCI was not driving a lot of traffic to their website and blog. The pages on their ecommerce needed better content and lacked opportunities to prompt customers to explore more product pages. Their blog posts were company-focused instead of providing information that showed their expertise in relevant industry topics.

 The Solution

HCI’s needed a website and blog content overhaul. A multi-channel approach including website content and email and social media marketing would push new content to the right people and drive targeted traffic to their site.

 The Results

Ecreative started with persona development and industry research to better understand the buying behavior of a typical customer. This information helped the copywriter create search engine optimized blog and website content matching the interests of HCI’s target customer.
The team categorized the blog posts and added tags to made it easier for readers to find content matching their interests. Sharing the new blog content and product pages via email and social channels drove more customers to their website.
These tactics resulted in them having record months over the next 12 months:
  • Impressions increased by 30%
  • Site traffic increased by 25%
  • Average gross daily sales grew 88%
  • Net sales increased 98% 
Visit their website: Hydraulic Cylinders, Inc.

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