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Case Study

Mechanical Component Manufacturer

Our client needed to drive more traffic to their site and improve online engagement. After working with Ecreative on a digital marketing program, they saw a 32% increase in new users on their site and improved goal values.

How We Helped:

  • Digital Marketing Program
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Targeted Content Strategy


Our client is a custom mechanical component manufacturer with over 60 years of experience. They started their digital marketing program with Ecreative in 2015. They have a domestic presence in the US as well as an international presence in the UK.

increase in new users
increase in goal completions
increase in online sessions
increase in goal values

 The Challenge

The first half of 2019 showed a decrease in new users and sessions year-over-year with organic traffic. While goal completions increased by 11%, their monetary goal value had decreased by about 13%.
We needed to stop the decrease in sessions and new users and simultaneously increase goal completions. The goal was that increased goal completions (via RFQs) would equate an increase in monetary goal value, with year-over-year gains.

 The Solution

By adding targeted content to the site, users were able to visualize what could be done using the client’s products. We were able to more precisely target their audience using a content marketing plan focusing on specific aspects of the marketing/sales funnel. 
When analyzing product pages for this client, our team noticed that most content was overly generalized. By changing the content strategy of each product page, we were able to increase the trajectory of website engagement from negative to positive gains.

 The Results

Content marketing strategies that target the right audience have enabled our component manufacturer to generate revenue from increased website engagement. Organic search results for 2019 vs 2018 showed that our efforts helped them reach their goals:
  • Goal completions increased 26%
  • Goal values increased 23%
  • Online sessions increased 26%
With a content marketing strategy firmly in place, future plans for this client include user experience improvements and mobile-first optimization. For long-term clients who may be seeing stagnant engagement, adding targeted content can provide the boost needed to engage website users and convert customers.

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