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Stand-Alone Product Configurators

Web-Based Configuration Solutions for Any Business

Do you love the idea of adding base configuration capabilities to your industrial B2B site but don’t have the time or budget for a redesign? Even if your current website isn’t on an Ecreative platform or is unable to support web-based configurators, we have a solution!  Our stand-alone configurators give you all the features and customization capabilities as our standard base configuration products. The only difference is that the functionality operates independently of your website.

Web-Based Standalone Configurators

  • Stand-alone configurators are accessible from your website but “live” on a different server. There’s no need for a significant site redesign or overhaul, which reduces implementation time and saves you money.

So, how does base configuration work?

  • As the user selects options, new fields appear or are eliminated to create the most exact set of product specifications possible. This format prevents users from specifying incompatible options or configuring a product that can’t be provided.
The best part about our web-based configurators is they’re fully customizable based on your product needs. Use the functionality to let users create custom products or to configure products that use standard part numbers. We build all stand-alone configurators with a responsive design to accommodate both desktop and mobile device users. Need your configurator to handle multiple languages? We can do that, too.

Our stand-alone web-based configurators are budget-friendly and provide customers with a convenient tool they can access at any time.



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Don’t let a small budget or incompatibility issues get in the way adding web-based configuration capabilities to your site. See how we can add a customized stand-alone configurator to your industrial B2B website.