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Custom Product Configurator & Part Builder Modules

Integrated Product Configuration for Ecommerce and RFQ Sites

If you have databased website through Ecreative, this is the solution for you! Our custom product configurators are built to integrate seamlessly with our RFQ product database or e-commerce website platform.  We build each custom configurator based on your available product features and the needs of your customers. Give your loyal customers the freedom and flexibility to view and configure products online. Your sales team and manufacturers will also benefit from the time-savings and increased efficiency of the quoting and production process.

Our Product Configurators Combine Usability AND Functionality

  • Product configurators make it easy for website visitors to specify the “custom” product they need. Users can view and configure parts at their convenience, then submit the product specs for purchase or quote. 
We create user-friendly interfaces that make configuring parts simple and straightforward. A series of checkboxes or drop-downs guides users through the process and prevents them from selecting incompatible features. With the addition of a pricing feature, customers can also see the estimated cost based on features selected. You can also opt for a quote-only module that automatically generates a quote for the user to submit.


Incorporating product images further improves the customer experience by presenting a visual of the configured part. Keep it basic with standard part photos or add 3D CAD integration to provide a dynamic, interactive model of the configured product. Our part builders can also interface with database forms, industrial ecommerce solutions, RFQ shopping cart modules, and your ERP System. Whatever you need, we’ll do everything we can to make it happen.  


Interested in adding a part builder to your B2B website? Ecreative has the solution you need.

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