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Phone Tracking Services For Websites

Paid search and other methods of digital marketing make it relatively easy to track your ROI, but organic traffic can be a very different story. How do you know if your search engine optimization efforts are working to increase organic traffic? And are those bounce rates accurately portraying what’s happening on your site or is there more to the story? Website analytics can tell you a lot about how your site is performing, but phone tracking is a metric that helps fill in some of the gaps.

Phone Tracking Helps You Measure ROI

A handy feature called “click to call” enables site visitors to make phone calls by clicking on your phone number. The feature eliminates the need to write down phone numbers and is highly utilized by people on mobile devices. With our Phone Tracking functionality, you can now track when these calls were generated and then compare the data to your sales team’s records to match calls to leads.

More Accurate Tracking of Marketing Efforts and Conversions

The more accurate your tracking methods, the easier it is to identify areas of improvement. Let’s say your bounce rates are high for a specific page. The issue could be the content or that the page appears in irrelevant search results. Or it could be because a user clicked on your phone number to make a call, therefore, leaving the site. If that call led to a sale, the user leaving the site doesn’t technically contribute to your bounce rate.
Like all our web solutions, Phone Tracking is flexible. First, we apply a tracking code to your website. We then set up the functionality using your existing number or create a unique 800 or local telephone number, specifically for the website. Set up as many phone numbers as you need to track leads coming from your organic and paid digital marketing channels.
We provide you with monthly reporting as part of your PPC, SEO, or Digital Marketing program so you can track and analyze call metrics. You can also record and store all your phone calls for up to 90 days.

It’s Time to Improve Your Conversion Tracking

Evaluate leads coming from all your marketing efforts and conversion methods, whether it’s an online contact form or a call generated through your website. Request a quote to improve the way you track and measure phone call leads.
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