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Newsdesk And News Database

Sharing industry news and company successes help build your brand and establish authority in the industrial sector. Media management databases for industrial B2 websites provide the perfect solution for highlighting news, announcements, and other information in a clear and organized manner.

Show Off Successes and Demonstrate your Industry Expertise

Did someone at your company write an article for a trade publication? Is there a new service or product that you want to promote? An About Us page only tells part of your story. Keep your customers updated and help prospective buyers learn more about your company by adding the Newsdesk or News Database functionality to your industrial website.

Build Your Brand with A News Database

Many people research a company before making a purchase or deciding to request a quote for their services. Media management databases provide a quick and convenient way for site visitors to access company news and other relevant information while browsing your site.

News and Media Monitoring Databases Made Easy

Our Newsdesk Functionality includes the creation of a well-organized section of your site for posting press releases, e-newsletters, product releases, upcoming events, industry articles, or anything else you would like to share and promote.
We customize the news section to meet your content needs. Standard features include side navigation where users can select from different categories to narrow down their search. All information also automatically sorts by date, so your more recent news stays at the top of the page. We make it easy for you to manage content through your site admin, so you don’t have to waste time trying to navigate a separate platform.

Add a News and Media Monitoring Database to Your Website

Share and manage all your company news with a few simple clicks. Request a quote to get started on building a media management database for your industrial B2B website.
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