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FAQ Database

Customers don’t always want to call or send an email to get answers to basic questions. Building a FAQ database on your industrial B2B website gives users quick and convenient access to your most common questions and answers.

Save Time and Resources with FAQ Database

Taking calls and answering emails for simple questions is an ineffective use of your team’s time. And waiting for an email or a call back for a response to a simple question is also frustrating for your customers. Building a FAQ database for your industrial website resolves both issues. You’ll improve the customer experience, help people make better buying decisions, and build trust and authority for your brand.


Choose the FAQ Database Options that Work for Your Business

Create an FAQ Database easily with industrial B2B website solutions from Ecreative. We tailor all our functionalities to fit your website’s design and layout and test everything to ensure it works as intended. We offer two types of FAQ solutions for industrial B2B sites:

Standard, Non-Dynamic FAQ Page Option

A standard FAQ Page features a list of questions and answers that users can scroll and browse until they find the information that best matches their inquiry. We recommend a static FAQ page for companies that wish to provide a short, more basic list of questions or who don’t offer a wide variety of products and services.

Dynamic FAQ Database Option

This interactive version of an FAQ page comes complete with categories, anchor text, and expandable and collapsible content. Users can easily search for information by topic and find answers faster than on a static FAQ page. We recommend the database option for longer lists of questions or when you need to provide answers to a variety of topics.

Help Customers Get the Answers They Need Fast

Having to wait for a response to a basic question is frustrating, especially for today’s online users. Improve your customer's experience and save your team time with an FAQ section on your website. Get a quote today!

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