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Presenting CAD & 3D Models On Your Website

Product images are a great addition to any website, but they don’t provide the level of detail required for engineers and purchasers. These customers need detailed specifications that help them determine how and if a part will work for their application. And they need the information as quickly as possible to help them maintain their deadlines.

Give Your B2B Customers a More Dynamic Online Experience  

Integrating drawings and models into your website gives customers 24/7 access to the information they need upfront to make their buying decision. Don’t lose opportunities by making your customers wait for information you could easily provide them online. Give your industrial business a competitive advantage by adding our CAD Viewer to your industrial B2B website.

Customize Your Website with Integrated CAD Viewer and 3D Models

We integrate our CAD Viewer into your site admin and create a gallery that holds all your drawings and models. A simple click is all it takes to turn specific drawings “on” or “off,” and you can easily add new drawings and models as needed. Our CAD Application is compatible with all five major CAD company viewers and integrates seamlessly with your site design.
This feature isn’t a standard plug-in. Our module is flexible and allows you to customize the features based on your needs. Choose to present the CAD and 3D models on every product page or limit access to users with a customer login. Requiring registration to access the information enables you to track who views and downloads which drawings, and when. This information provides you the opportunity to follow up with leads and work on closing the sale.

Add CAD Drawing and 3D Model Capabilities to Your Website

Ecreative offers CAD Modules and several other customized products to improve the way customers interact with your website. Submit a quote to add CAD drawings and 3D models to your industrial B2B website.

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