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INxSQL ERP Integration Capabilities

Managing your website and ERP platform separately creates duplicative processes and takes your staff away from other tasks. ERP integration provides a solution to this issue by streamlining and automating processes like inventory and pricing updates to help you make the most out of your website.

Integrated Inventory Solutions for Industrial B2B Websites

Ecreative’s ERP integration capabilities include INxSQL and several other platforms designed for the industrial market. These tools help you improve process management and keep your website information current to minimize problems like inaccurate pricing and inventory counts. Our integrated inventory solutions help you manage your business more efficiently and improve customer service.

Expand your Industrial Website's Capabilities with INxSQL Integration

We’re passionate about helping industrial companies find innovative and cost-effective ways to improve the way they do business. When integrated with an Ecreative e-commerce or RFQ cart website platform, INxSQL ERP software helps manufacturers and wholesale distribution companies streamline and automate a range of processes, including:  
  • Order placement and management
  • Inventory management
  • Updating pricing on your website
  • Creating customer-specific pricing
  • Quote submittals into INxSQL
  • Online and offline customer portals

We Offer ERP Integration Based on your Needs and your Budget

Anyone can benefit from ERP integration, whether you’re a small manufacturer or a large wholesale distributor. The great thing about INxSQL and other ERP software is that you can select which features to use based on your current needs. There’s no need to push your budget to the max or overwhelm your team with unnecessary add-ons.
Start small and build up your ERP integration features as your budget allows. We typically start with pricing and inventory integration to keep your website information current for customers. As your business needs grow, Ecreative can add modules like Private Password Groups for controlled access to select products and special pricing on your website. Get the most out of our ERP integration capabilities by incorporating quality management, invoicing, and document management into your B2B website. 

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