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Volume Discounts on B2B Website

Offering quantity-based price breaks is an excellent customer service move and can prompt people to purchase higher quantities, in order to get a discount. Volume-based discounts are also a great way to reward high-volume customers, including to distributors and OEMs.

Product-Specific Volume Discount Pricing

Ecreativeworks’ Volume Discount Module is an e-commerce solution implemented seamlessly into your site administration. Easily set up quantity-based discounts for all your products or just a few. Like all our other B2B Web Solutions, you have the control and flexibility to change the settings based on your current needs.  

A Flexible Way to Set Up Quantity-Based Discounts on Your B2B Website

Volume-based pricing can appear on a product listing page and/or each individual product page. When users enter the desired quantity of products, the price automatically updates based on the price breaks for that product.
We offer two different ways to display quantity-based discounts on your site:
  • Display quantity-based price breaks directly on each product page
  • Display price breaks when a user moves their mouse over the “Volume Discount” icon for a specific product.
Convenient access to the module from your site admin allows you to modify product quantity breaks and price breaks. You can also remove or apply volume-based discounts to any products you choose. Further customize the Volume Discount Functionality with Private Pricing Groups. The combination of these two functions allows you to display volume-based pricing to customers with accounts, but not to guests, or to customize quantiy and price breaks based on customer groupings.

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