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Sales Tax Integration

Keeping up with the tax rules for different states can be confusing and time-consuming. You want to make sure you’re collecting the appropriate sales tax for each sale but don’t have the time to verify each sale against varying state tax laws. With a sales tax automation module, you don’t have to worry.

Take the Guesswork Out of Calculating State Sales Tax

The Sales Tax Integration Module uses subscription-based software to provide real-time sales tax calculations based on current state sales and tax rules.  The appropriate estimated sales tax is applied automatically during checkout and recorded along with the other sales information.

Improve the Accuracy of Sales Tax Calculations

Sales tax automation software uses over 100,000 taxability rules and applies them across over 11,000 jurisdictions to increase the accuracy of tax calculations. Everything calculates based on the shipping address and 5-digit zip code to provide an accurate tax rate. We also offer the option to use a 9-digit zip code to increase the accuracy of the calculations. There are additional customizations for companies that use multi-vendor shipping on their website.
Our team knows the software and its capabilities well and will help you customize TaxJar for your e-commerce business.

Simplify Local Sales Tax Collection with Avalara or TaxJar Automation

Ready to improve the accuracy of your sales tax calculations? Request a quote to add our Sales Tax Integration Module to your industrial B2B website.

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