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Tax Exempt Functionality

If you have customers that have tax-exempt status, you’ve likely found yourself looking for ways to simplify and streamline their purchasing experience. If this sounds familiar, you may want to consider a sales tax-exempt management tool for your e-commerce website.

Integrated Tax Exemption Certificate Management

You have enough emails and forms to keep up with as it is. With a tax-exempt management system, customers can submit their tax ID number and tax exemption certificate, along with their purchase on your website. Once the certificate is verified and processed internally, you can then apply “tax-exempt” status to their account, removing sales tax from any future orders. All submitted certificates are stored in the customer’s account information, within your site admin.  

Ready to Improve Your Tax Exemption Certificate Management Process?

Streamlining this process of submitting and applying tax exemption status on your website helps you save valuable time. Request a quote today to discuss the benefits of adding our Tax Exempt Functionality to your industrial website.  

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