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Reorder Capability for Your Website

Customers like convenience. It’s the reason people choose to make purchases online instead of going to a brick and mortar store. Repeat customers especially appreciate the convenience of being able to reorder frequently purchased products with minimal effort.

Give Customers Easy Access to Previous Orders

Few things are more frustrating for a customer than knowing what you want and having to search through a website to find it. You want to make the ordering and reordering process as seamless and straightforward as possible, especially for your loyal customers.  Take some of the effort out of reordering products with our Reorder Capability Module for industrial websites.

Improve Your B2B Website’s Reordering and Quick Order Capabilities

Many customers order the same products regularly, whether it’s fasteners, plastic tubing, or mechanical components. When it comes time to reorder, they want and deserve the same experience they get with large online retailers.
Our Reorder Capability Module gives customers convenient access to previous orders when they log into their account. Customers can modify previous orders including changing the quantity or adding and removing products based on their current ordering needs. If someone wants to reorder a product, but in a much larger quantity, they can also convert the order to an RFQ to discuss Volume Discounts not advertised on your site.
After the user modifies and finalizes their order, they then move to the cart where they’ll see either an order total or the option to submit their RFQ. If your prices fluctuate regularly, don’t worry. With our module, everything in the order automatically updates to reflect current pricing.  

Learn How to Make the Reordering Process Easier for Your Online Customers

The reorder Capability Module improves the usability of your website and benefits customers that order the same products regularly or intermittently. Request a quote to learn more about adding this module to your website.

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