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Multiple Category Products

Customers use different methods for searching for products on a website. For example, let’s say you sell plastic bags with handles. One visitor might look under the “plastic bags” category on your site navigation, where another might look under the “merchandise bags” category first. How can you make sure both users find what they need easily? The answer is by assigning that product to multiple categories.

Improve Product Search without Creating Duplicate Content

Adding a product to multiple categories on your e-commerce or RFQ site helps users locate an item in any place they might look for it—without having to create duplicate product pages. When used with a clearly defined site navigation, assigning products to multiple categories improves user experience by increasing the navigability of your B2B website.
Each product category lives in the local left navigation and the main navigation of your site, so customers can find the items they need, regardless of which page they’re on. Assign products to multiple categories based on material type, manufacturer, other categorical locations, or any other selection criteria your typical customer might use.
Easy access to the functionality from your site’s admin allows you to make quick changes to where a product shows up in the navigation as product offerings and categories change.

Are You Ready to Improve the Searchability of Your B2B Website?

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