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Product Comparison

People like to compare the features of different products before making a purchase. Having to go back-and-forth between multiple pages to compare specifications is inconvenient and frustrating for users. Give them a better experience by implementing our Product Comparison Functionality on your website.

Help Buyers Make Informed Decisions

People are accustomed to being able to compare the features and prices of multiple products to help them make more informed buying decisions. A Product Comparison Functionality for your database website follows the best practices of big-name companies like Amazon and McMaster-Carr.
Our Product Comparison Functionality allows users to select up to three products and compare the features, side-by-side. All the information for the products displays in a table for easy viewing. At the bottom of each column is a button or link that directs users to the main product page or a brochure/ specification PDF. The user then adds the product of their choice directly from the individual product page.
A business-side benefit of the functionality is that all the information for the product comparison page pulls directly from the product page data that’s already there! As long as you keep the specifications on your product pages updated, users will always get the most accurate and up-to-date information for their product comparison.

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