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Product Attributes

Do you sell different versions of a product that all share the same part number? And does that cause some confusion when you’re trying to process orders? Custom attributes are an ideal solution for situations like this, where multiple products use the same part number with variable options.

Easily Apply Attributes to Your Entire Catalog

Attributes include variables such as color, size, and other features that do not change the product number. These attributes are passed through the checkout process as text attached to the product, so you’re able to determine which product features the user selected.
Ecreative understands the need for flexibility and can implement the Product Attributes Functionality on your existing product database website or incorporate the feature into a new build website.

Implementing dropdowns allows users to select the color, size, or material they need. We can also configure the Product Attribute Functionality to add additions to the base price based on which features are selected. We make it easy to customize and manage the product attributes through the administration of your industrial B2B website.

Start Improving Your Order Management Process Today

The Product Attributes Module from Ecreative helps you better manage orders by distinguishing specific features on products that otherwise have the same part number. Request a quote to learn about available options for your B2B website.
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