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Private Password Groups

Before the growth of e-commerce, it was easy to offer special pricing to different customers or limit who had access to various products. With so many businesses now selling online, companies are left trying to find different ways to handle special pricing without sacrificing the convenience of online shopping. Our solution to this challenge is Private Password Groups.

Control Who Sees Products or Pricing on Your Website

Our Private Password Group functionality provides a solution for businesses that want to provide select access to specific products, pricing, volume pricing and information on their website. Use the feature with e-commerce or RFQ sites to create private pricing groups or establish different pricing brackets for specific customers. The options are almost limitless!


Customize Private Password Groups as Your Business Grows and Changes

The Private Password Group functionality is robust and highly versatile, allowing you to add and modify groups as your business needs change. It’s ideal for companies that work with distributors or sells products that can only be purchased by authorized parties.
Here are just a few examples of what the Private Password Group Functionality can do for you:
  • Create volume pricing for specific customers or groups
  • Make public access RFQ only while providing pricing and purchase options to users with an account login
  • Limit access to specific products, product categories, or tech sheets and CAD drawings

Unlock Your Website’s Potential with Private Password Groups

Ecreative has the tools you need to create a website that meets the ever-changing needs of your business and customers. Request a quote to implement Private Password Groups on your B2B industrial website.

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