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Paypal Express Module

Sometimes businesses want to sell products online, but don’t want to use a full e-commerce website to do so. The good news is that there are options available that don’t require taking every order manually or over the phone! Installing PayPal Express Checkout on your industrial B2B site lets you sell online, even if you don’t have an e-commerce site.

Give Customers the Convenience of Buying Products Online

While an integrated payment system is typically the best solution for processing sales online, CMS websites cannot support this feature. The PayPal Express Module is a convenient and user-friendly alternative for your B2B website that allows customers to purchase from you, without needing to do so on your website. This functionality not only works for CMS sites but on any website that’s already connected with PayPal as a payment gateway.

Setting Up PayPal Checkout Payments for Industrial B2B Sites

Adding the PayPal Module to your site is fast and straightforward. We install a “Pay with PayPal” or “Check Out with PayPal” button in the cart area of your website. When a user clicks the button, they’re directed away from your site, and to

From there, the user completes the checkout process, including applicable taxes and shipping, all directly with PayPal. A copy of the order is attached to their account for processing on your end. Your customers will appreciate the convenience of a smooth checkout and your staff will spend less time taking phone orders.

Start Selling Online with the PayPal Express Module

Ecreative delivers a range of website functionalities that help you improve user experience and streamline ordering processes. Request a quote to discuss setting up PayPal checkout payments for your B2B site.
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