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Modified Quote Process Module

Getting a lot of quote requests is a good thing but keeping track of them can be a hassle. Digging through emails to find the right communication string is time-consuming. There’s also the worry of accidentally deleting an email or forgetting which quotes are in each stage of the communication process.

Revamp Your Online Quoting Process

Ecreative created the Modified Quote Process Module to provide industrial businesses with a more efficient and streamlined way to handle quotes. All communication is handled in your website admin, so you can easily track which quotes are in various stages of the buying process. This modules improves your quoting process, eliminates frustration on your end and increases customer satisfaction.

Improved Online Customer Service and Website Quote Tracking

The Modified Quote Process Module from Ecreative is a unique offering oriented towards products that need to be quoted. Submitted quotes are sent directly to the site admin and emailed to your team. All you need to do is log in and reply to start the quote negotiation process.
Once the quote is finalized, customers receive an email response which details the quote and communications thus far.  Users on an RFQ website will then complete their purchase offline, finalizing shipping, tax and payment details directly with you. Users on an e-commerce website can follow a link in their response email to complete their purchase and pay online.  
Utilizing an organized quote process helps you drastically improve response and follow-up times for increased customer satisfaction. You’ll also spend significantly less time searching for information and attempting to track the status of various quotes.
  • Reply to quotes directly from the site admin—no more tracking or forwarding email strings!
  • Provide the convenience of customers being able to buy directly from the final quote
  • Easily modify pricing, quantities or products within a quote after it’s been submitted
  • Get a historical view of all your quote activity for easy reference and faster tracking

 Boost Productivity and Improve Customer Service with Our Website Quote Negotiator

Our Modified Quote Process Module was designed for industrial B2B and helps you streamline processes for improved customer service. Request a quote today to get started.

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