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MAP Pricing on Websites

MAP Pricing, or Minimum Advertised Price, refers to the lowest price business can offer a product for sale online or in their advertisements. Some manufacturers apply this rule to specific products to prevent retailers from advertising at prices significantly lower than a manufacturer’s suggested retail price. Many believe low prices compromise the brand image or lead consumers to believe products are not worth as much as the manufacturer suggests.
Failure to comply with MAP pricing can result in a manufacturer pulling their products from your site. Avoid issues by adding a Minimum Advertised Pricing Module to your industrial e-commerce website.

Offer Customers Lower Pricing Online while Complying with MAP Policies

Minimum Advertised Price requirements don’t have to get in the way of you offering deals to your customers. On e-commerce sites, businesses can still sell products below the suggested retail price displaying the product price after users place an item in the cart. The addition of an “add product to your cart to see the sale price” disclaimer ensures compliance with MAP policies and lets consumers know they’re getting a better deal.
Ecreative makes it easy to manage advertised pricing on your e-commerce website. We add a MAP module to your site admin, then create Minimum Advertised Price policy messaging that we place on your home page or individual product pages. Our module allows you to conveniently turn the Minimum Advertised Price feature off or on as needed. Select which products on your site fall under MAP by logging into your admin and clicking the selection box.

Learn About Our Integrated Website Modules for MAP Pricing

If you have product lines with minimum pricing requirements but want to offer lower pricing or sales, the Minimum Advertised Price Module is the right option for your business. Request a quote today to discuss adding our MAP Module to your industrial B2B website.

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