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Manufacturer Pages

Make it easier for customers to find products on our e-commerce site. People don’t always know the category a product falls under, but they usually know the name of the manufacturer. Adding Manufacturer Listing Pages to your site allows people to search for products based on the manufacturer name as well as product categories, helping you cater to multiple types of site visitors.

Help Customers Browse Products by Manufacturer

Manufacturer Pages are ideal for any industrial product distributor with an eCommerce or RFQ site.   Having a dedicated page for each manufacturer not only improves user experience but gives you a better chance of showing up in search results for specific manufacturer products

How Do Manufacturer Listing Pages Work?

We create a “Manufacturers” section on your primary site navigation where people can view a drop-down list of listing all the manufacturers' products in your inventory.  An alternative option is adding a highly visible “Shop by Manufacturer” button to your homepage.  
Each manufacturer page contains a logo and a brief introduction about the company. All the products you carry by that manufacturer pull from their respective pages on your site and auto-populate into a list the user can easily browse. This saves time over conducting a general site search or browsing each product category on your website until they find a specific manufacturer’s products.
Another option is to list product categories on the page that users can then browse to find specific products. We recommend categorizing the product listings on a manufacturer page if you carry numerous different product types from each manufacturing source.

Add Manufacturer Listing Pages to Your Industrial B2B Website

Give site visitors an improved online shopping experience with clearly organized Manufacturer Listing Pages on your site. Request a quote to add this feature to your website.

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