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Live Chat Software Solution

People don’t always want to wait for a response to an email or contact request they submitted online, especially when they’re trying to make a buying decision. Live chat for websites provides a highly accessible way for people to get information within seconds instead of hours.  

Improve the Customer Experience with Live Chat

We’ve become accustomed to having information available at our fingertips, and while FAQ sections work well for general questions, they don’t help site users with their unique inquiries. Live Chat for industrial websites acts as a sales assistant by giving users almost immediate responses to their questions.
The ability to access information quickly and efficiently improves user experience and earns you bonus points in the customer service department. Give customers a better online experience with integrated Live Chat Software Solutions from Ecreative.

Options for Adding Live Chat Support to Your Website

Every business has different needs. We offer integrated Live Chat Software Solutions in two options and can work with our preferred vendors or a live chat provider of your choice. Live Chat offerings will only expand as technology continues to evolve.

Employee-Supported Live Chat

Employee-Supported Live Chat for Websites involves having an administrative staff member designated to handle live chat inquiries on your website. This option provides a similar experience as using live chat through your bank or a store’s online customer service.
  • Benefit: Users get immediate access to a human being and specific answers to their questions, making it easier to understand your offerings and navigate your website.
  • Considerations: Someone must always be available to answer questions within seconds, which can be taxing on personnel.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) Live Chat

AI Live Chat Software Solutions use chatbots to respond to inquiries submitted through the chat feature. We load commonly asked questions and their responses into the chat feature; when a user submits an inquiry, the chatbot “responds” with the answer that most closely related to their question.
  • Benefit: This feature doesn’t require an employee to monitor chat inquiries, freeing up personnel time, and still allowing users to receive responses 24/7.
  • Considerations: Acts more as an enhanced FAQ feature where users get answers to common questions but not always a tailored response for more specific questions.

Get Live Chat for Your Industrial B2B Website

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