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Website Inventory Management

Customers enjoy the convenience of shopping online and have become accustomed to a digital world that provides instant gratification. It’s frustrating to order a part, only to find out at checkout that it’s out of stock. It’s even worse when that lack of inventory information causes a delay in the customer’s project lead time.
Implementing an Inventory Management Functionality on your website resolves these issues by providing clear information about available inventory, and easy options for keeping that information up-to-date.

Flexible Solutions for Online Inventory Management

Every business is different, which is why Ecreative builds flexibility into all our website features and functionalities. Our customizable functionalities make it easy to update your inventory hourly, daily, or weekly depending on your needs and preferences.

Website Inventory Updates Using Import/Export

Our custom import tool is built into your product database website and allows you to import inventory updates via spreadsheet, as often as needed. This spreadsheet can include data about inventory and price and is manually exported from your ERP and imported into your website. Any data on the spreadsheet that is different than what is on your website triggers an automatic update of the inventory information on your site.

ERP Integration for Website Inventory Updates

Boost your inventory management capabilities with a direct interface with your ERP system. After establishing a connection with your ERP, we build out a full interface that can handle and update pricing and inventory data.
Updated inventory and price information can be called into your website’s database upon page load or at a set schedule. You also have flexibility in how out-of-stock requests are handled. Users can convert orders to RFQs if items are out of stock, they can modify their order to request the stock that is available, or they can be limited in adding products that are out of stock. There are many possibilities with this robust interface and Ecreative can build a tailored solution that fits your precise needs.

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Our Inventory Management Functionality improves user experience and helps you keep better track of your product inventory. Request a quote to implement this feature for your industrial B2B website.

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