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Add Featured Products to your Website

The Featured Products functionality gives you a new way to market items on your website. Give site visitors a visual sampling of what you offer to help draw them deeper into your site. Set up Featured Products area on your website to highlight your best-selling products.

"Featured Products" is an Effective Way to Market and Sell More Products

Place the Featured Products section on your website’s homepage or an industry page to draw attention to products. This industrial website feature is excellent for highlighting new products, promoting sales, or helping you fill sales quotas.  A Featured Products section is also helpful for users that visit your site but don’t know exactly what they want. Seeing an variety product offerings right on the homepage can prompt them to dig deeper into the site to find similar products.

Promote Any Product at Any Time

All it takes is the click of a button in your website admin to add or edit your featured products.  Promote products for a month or rotate everything out each week, it’s up to you! Once we add the Featured Products Functionality to your website, it’s easy for you to maintain everything on your own.

A Website Functionality Designed to Meet Your Needs

Our Featured Products functionality is different from other plug-and-play options available. Our designers and developers look at your site layout and create a Featured Products section that looks great on the page, whether someone is using a desktop or handheld device.
We also test the functionality before launching it on your website to ensure everything functions as intended. The final step involves a tutorial to show you how to access and use the Featured Products functionality in your site admin. If you ever have issues or questions, our support team is here to help!

Start Highlighting Featured Products on Your Website

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